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Music played on the harp has several unique healing properties. Join our healing programs today.

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About me

Lidia Harpist

I’ve always seen how the music affects the people around me, but never thought that I would be interested of learning how to do it professionally, until I needed some healing myself. It was in 2011 when I had a severe back pain, that I wouldn’t want to play the harp even. I start exploring the alternative methods of how to heal my body, and more I read, more I discover that I play an instrument full of healing power.

While working with best osteopaths in town, getting my back fit to sit behind the harp again, I gather loads of information about healing with music. Read so many books on the subject, spoke to many people, played healing music for a groups and one on one sessions, played for children with learning difficulties. In other words - day after day I got the assurance of how the harp is affecting and helping others to relax and let their bodies heal easier. There is only one condition - to listen with awareness, feeling the moment and letting the sound enter your body.

Harp Healing/ Strings of life

Lidia Harpist

Such an interesting times we live in indeed, yet the excess of your daily activities from the moment you open our eyes until the moment you put them to rest - and beyond - leave you breathless, focusless and eventually healthless. This fast life leads to stress, which in turn leads to sickness and depression.
But not all is lost; a number of wonderful people have been working over the years in studying, building and crafting models and techniques that incorporate peace into our lives. Peace, the antidote to stressful living.

Music has an exceptional healing value, especially the harp. I can go for hours and hours about how amazing harp healing is, vibrating strings touching your body through shaking waves of air settling and harmonizing every single cell within, or how the ancient harnessed its magic. But i’d rather show you, take you through the experience and let you discover this heavenly beauty first hand, and I promise you nothing but an outstanding journey.
Get in touch with me and I'll help you try the right harp session for you, and I'll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Harp massage, harp meditation, harp yoga

Lidia Harpist

Give it a try attending a massage with harp, yoga with harp, meditation with harp, or just a one on one harp healing session.

Feel free to contact me with any queries and questions - i will be happy to answer all of them !

Harp Healing Massage

Lidia Harpist

What is better than a relaxing massage while listening and absorbing the sound of a life harp? Few years back Nicoleta, our massage therapist, came up with the idea to play a CD with harp music while giving a massage, what had great response from her clients. That time with a recording, what is affecting the body only while playing.
Now - we took it to a different level with a life harp playing, so the person can benefit and it's scientifically proven, for couple of days. The harp strings will take you to a mental journey, while the massagist is taking care of your physical body. Full body and mind experience , physically taking just an hour, but would keep you relaxed much longer.

Available at Heart and Soul SPA at the moment, kindly contact us for bookings.

Harp Healing Meditation / Yoga

Lidia Harpist

Working closely with Carin Huibers from Omnia Balance we created beautiful harp healing guided meditations, with great attendance and feedback.Visualization and meditation is a great way to release stress and balance your body and mind. Leading your body to switch to its natural healing power, supported by the vibrations of the harp. Carin is visiting Dubai three or four times a year, and every time we have exclusive harp healing sessions as part of Omnia Balance courses and lectures. You can experience one-on-one healing harp session, what will be tailored sised specially for you, finding your personal body resonance and connection with the harp, and can work on healing of specific organs.

Apart from the meditation experience, we can together explore the combination of yoga and harp. Kindly drop us email to know more about Carin visits, one-on-one sessions with the harpist only, and the harp yoga experience.